Ok here we go. Page layout is a very important aspect when it comes to web development. How a page flows and how it looks is what will decide if you page will get viewed a lot or if it will never get viewed again. When it comes to page layout there are some key steps that you need to accomplish.

Put your thoughts on paper - As with any good brainstorming, writing your ideas down on paper will help with setup and how you want your page to flow. There is nothing worse then getting ideas mid stream of building your page. If you put your ideas on paper you have a good working knowledge of how you want your paper to flow and look.

Sketch a framework and add a grid - Once you get your ideas down on paper you can then go ahead and sketch out a wire framework of your page. While doing this if you grid out your page it will help align certain aspects of your page. The wire framework will give a good example of how the user interface or UI will operate within your page.

Choose your fonts and color - Both of these topics will be discussed later in different pages but the basics are that you want your fonts and colors not to contrast with each other and deter the user from wanting to return to you site.

Divide your page up - Put sections into your pages. Make sure that they flow with the overall design of you site. You don't want your users to be all over the page looking for information. Divide your site up into a way that it allows the user to move from one section to another.

There are many more ideas that can go into page layout but these are some good basics to get you started with web page development. The more you practice the better you will get at laying out your web pages.

Good luck!! Happy developing!!