One of the most interesting things about the Software Development Cycle is it also can be applied to Web Development.

Software Development Cycle Stages Applied to Web Design

  1. Planning - This is where you find out what kind of website the client is looking for and a very basic outline of pages they need.
  2. Analysis - This is where you analyze the current website and their competitor's websites to get a better idea about the industry they are in.
  3. Design - The design is created based on the plan and the analysis. This may go through a few versions before the design is approved.
  4. Implementation - This is where the approved design is actually developed and then uploaded to its home.
  5. Testing and Integration - The website is tested for errors and integrated with any systems the client already has in place.
  6. Maintenance - In this stage, the completed website is maintained by adding new content and updating content where appropriate.

Once you get through the stages most websites stay at the maintenance stage. However, sometimes a new feature or new things will be added at a later date. Those things will often go through the other stages once again.